Let's have fun while we get healthy!

Our team of heath care professionals will work closely with you in a positive, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Our goal is to help you find the right strategies as well as create personalized solutions to help you achieve your weight management goals. 

Together we can help you move towards a healthier sustainable lifestyle.


Our team of health care professionals are focused on helping you reach your personal health goals the SMARTEST WEIGH possible 

We realize that weight management is not an easy task and we are here to provide ongoing support in a positive atmosphere.  Our team approach is based on the latest research and more importantly on the individual's needs.  Our health care professionals and physicians are there to offer support and solutions to help you achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Team   Approach

Smartest Weigh clients are followed by a medical team and health care professionals.

Behavioral Tools 

Smartest Weigh clients learn to incorporate behavioral tools.

Educational Seminars

Smartest Weigh clients learn to incorporate weight management strategies


Healthy Practices

Smartest Weigh clients learn to incorporate healthy dietary and physical activity choices successfully.

Why we do it? 

Our team is very passionate in helping you achieve your health goals. If you have been experiencing a constant challenge in managing your weight, you're not alone.  Let me tell you that this is absolutely normal and we can help. 

Our team will help you understand what happens when you're gaining weight and why it is so difficult at times to manage it. 

To manage obesity effectively and efficiently it requires, a knowledgeable team focused on creating a positive support in a non-judgmental environment. 


Smartest Weigh Programs

SPROUT - Online

Created to support those who would like to achieve a loss of 5% to 10% of their starting weight.

- For busy people looking to change their lifestyle from the comfort of their home with the support of health care professionals and a social community.


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RISE - Live/Online

Created to support those who would like to achieve a loss of 10% to 20% of their starting weight.

- For people looking to change their lifestyle, while participating in physical activity, team challenges, seminars with a community of likeminded people.  


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We are better together! 

Weight management is a challenging and complex issue, and often people find it very difficult to try to resolve it, on their own. 

You're not alone! Our team will help you understand the complexity of this health condition, which is also affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  You can stop shaming and blaming yourself for your excess weight, it's time to realize that it's not your fault and your best life awaits you.  We will provide solutions and support in order to help you lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle. 

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